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zaterdag 19 december 2009

Prepare to do everything right the first time round
There's no chance to do it over
You can easily retrace you steps
But the footprints you see are definite
All you can do is create new prints
Along the road you've traveled before
However, the result is nothing but 'could've, would've or should've'
And then the enormous burden of guilt, sorrow or regrets
Remember though that in hindsight it's easy to make the right decision
For you have gained knowledge becoming aware of all the facts
Most important: you know the outcome of your actions
And have experienced first hand the pain and sadness of your mistakes

Key is to never doubt or question your motives or eagerness to do things right
Stay convinced you did your best under any given circumstance
Someday, a similar situation will knock on your door
And because you were eager to learn from your past
You will have become much wiser and know which way to go to not misplace your steps

You'll be willing and prepared to travel a road less traveled
This time, however hesitant still, not afraid to take a chance
Not that nonexistent chance to do it over
But a possibility to leave new footprints on that sandy trail in front
Better yet: from now on pave your own chosen road ahead
And put up road sings to guide you though a tough decision if you're ever looking back
Or perhaps your signs can help others find their way
Offer them your footprints to stand in and help them as you are for them their future
What goes around comes around and maybe such a person will guide you soon

Trefwoorden: faalangst, besluiteloosheid, van je fouten leren, anderen helpen, perfectionisme
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